Investing in your team’s professional development is an investment with long-term ramifications for any organization, and at Amarietalks, we are delighted to present our 90-Day Comprehensive Virtual Program designed to empower teams and drive positive change. Adaptable for up to 25 participants, the program features deep dives into selected initiatives with strategic plans for implementation as well as comprehensive resources, ongoing support, measurable outcomes and measurable achievements – join us as we embark together on this transformative journey and unleash their full potential!

I. Provide Comprehensive Virtual PD Training:

Our 90-Day Comprehensive Virtual Program delivers high-quality PD training tailored to the specific needs of your team. Participants engage in deep exploration into any given initiative while uncovering all essential principles, strategies and best practices necessary for its success.

II. Strategic Planning to Achieve Effective Implementation:

Assemble your team with all of the skills and knowledge needed to implement your chosen initiative with precision and impact. Our program features strategic planning sessions designed to assist them in crafting an appropriate implementation strategy tailored to the unique context and goals of their organization.

III. Valuable Resources and Workbooks:

Participant of this program receive both physical workbooks and digital resources that serve as invaluable guides, providing examples, templates, and frameworks that support practical application of newly acquired knowledge and abilities.

IV. Lifelong Access to Online Courses:

As part of your team’s ongoing development, we provide lifetime access to online courses related to your initiative. Participants can enhance their learning, explore additional resources and stay current with developments within their area of interest.

V. Ongoing Support and Follow-Up:

As ongoing support is key for lasting success, our program includes one follow-up date in which coaches and trainers virtually check in with your staff, answering any queries or offering guidance, all while helping ensure progress remains on schedule.

VI. Implementation Reports for Measurable Outcomes:

Track and measure the success of your team’s implementation efforts with our detailed implementation reports. These reports give valuable insight into outcomes and achievements generated from their dedicated efforts, providing a complete picture of growth and expansion for your organization.

VII. Subsequent Visits and Support:

And beyond our 90-day program, we provide follow-up visits and support options tailored specifically to the needs of your organization. These options may include virtual classroom observations, team meetings, coaching and support sessions, facilitated work sessions, reflection and debrief sessions as well as administrative support and strategic planning and consultation – we remain dedicated to offering ongoing assistance as your team excels further.


Elevate team performance and drive organizational success with our 90-Day Comprehensive Virtual Program. This transformative experience encompasses deep dives into any initiative of choice, strategic planning for effective implementation, valuable resources and ongoing support with tangible measurable outcomes – together we will unlock their full potential enabling lasting change! Make an appointment now to enjoy this transformational journey of growth, learning and excellence that promises long term benefits to you team’s professional development journey! We look forward to being part of their professional journey journey.