Professional development is vital in today’s dynamic and competitive business environments, and at Amarietalks, we offer our 60-Minute Professional Development Session as both virtual and in-person formats for up to 25 participants. Join us as we enable your team with tools necessary for driving success by giving them professional development resources they’ll use every day!

1. Flexibility to Suit Your Needs:

Select the format that best meets your needs – be it virtual online sessions, in-person experiences at desired locations or both – our 60-Minute Professional Development Session will deliver high-quality learning and development opportunities to your team.

II. Plunge Deeply:

Engage your team in an in-depth examination of any initiative of interest to you. Our session delves deep into its core components to give everyone involved in understanding its principles, strategies and best practices.

III. Strategic Planning for Implementation:

Provide your team with the skills and knowledge to successfully implement an initiative they have selected. Our session includes strategic planning activities designed to enable you to craft plans tailored specifically to the unique requirements of your organization, creating actionable plans with tangible and sustainable results.

IV. Comprehensive Resource Kit:

As part of our 60-Minute Professional Development (PD) Session, your team will receive both physical and digital resources that serve as guides – offering practical examples, templates and frameworks that support applying newly acquired knowledge and skills.

V. Access to Online Courses For Lifetime:

As part of our commitment to your team’s continuous expansion, we offer lifetime access to online courses related to your initiative. This gives participants a way to reinforce learning, explore additional resources, and stay abreast of developments within their chosen field of interest.

VI. Long Term Support and Follow Up:

At ProCurve Consulting Group, we believe ongoing support is integral to ensuring the successful implementation of any initiative you choose. Each session includes one follow-up date where our coaches and trainers virtually check in with staff; this provides an ideal opportunity to address questions, provide guidance, or offer valuable insights that could enhance team advancement.

VII. Implementation Reports:

Utilizing our detailed implementation reports, your team can accurately gauge their implementation efforts’ impact and progress. These reports offer invaluable insight into outcomes and achievements from their dedication, giving a complete picture of growth and success for you team members.

Follow-Up Visits and Support Services:

Beyond our initial session, we provide various follow-up visits and support options tailored specifically to the needs of your organization. This may include virtual classroom observations, team meetings, coaching/support sessions for individual staff members as needed during work sessions; reflection/debrief sessions; administrative support services as needed and strategic planning and consultation – our ultimate aim being providing you with ongoing assistance while your team works toward positive transformation.


Investing in your team’s professional development is an invaluable way to enhance their performance and drive organizational success. Our Virtual or In-Person 60-Minute PD Session offers an immersive training experience designed to deep dive into any initiative of choice, plan its execution strategically, access valuable resources and receive ongoing support – so book our transformative PD session now and begin an amazing journey of personal and organizational development together!